Who is eligible?
The team is open to all swimmers age 6-18 who can complete the tryout and have not swam for a USA team during the current year. A USA swimmer who has swam after January 1 of the current year can practice with the team, but cannot participate in any competitions.

When is registration?
Registration for the summer season occurs the first Saturday in May. The date for registration this year is May 6, 2017.

How do I register?
Registration can be done online. Click Programs, Aquatics and finally Specialized Aquatics. Registration can also be done at any recreation center in person or over the phone. You can contact Liberty Recreation Center at 972-769-4234.

What do tryouts consist of and when are they?
To qualify for the team, swimmers 10 and younger must be able to swim freestyle (front crawl) and backstroke (back crawl) 25 yards each without stopping.  Swimmers 11 and older must be able to swim 25 yards of all 4 competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly). Swimmers try out for the team after registering. Waitlisted swimmers only try out if a spot becomes available for them and they have not previously completed a tryout. If a child does not qualify for the team all money will be reimbursed, if you have already signed-up.

I’m not getting the weekly emails, what do I do?
Send an email to: planobarracudas@yahoo.com. and ask to be added to our emailing list.

What is the withdrawal policy?
The withdrawal policy is the same as for all parks and recreation classes. A swimmer must withdraw one week prior to the start date to receive a full refund. A swimmer may only withdraw after that time if there is someone on the waiting list willing to fill their spot and a $5 fee will be charged. If a swimmer must withdraw due to a medical condition (e.g. broken bone) a refund will be given based on how many practices they must miss.

What equipment or other expenses are involved?
The only required equipment is a swimsuit and towel. Optional equipment includes goggles and a swim cap. The Barracudas do have a team suit, cap and shirt but the purchase of all these things are completely optional. Entry into swim meets is $2 per person.

Where can I buy swimsuits, goggles, etc?
There is a swimming store named Xtreme Swim Shop at the NE corner of Park and Coit.